How to use xIGN

xIGN is illiquid and non-transferable, but can be used through plugins' allocations, and in the future on approved (whitelisted) contracts providing additional usages.


Users can freely allocate their available xIGN to any plugin to take advantage of its benefits. While xIGN is allocated and consequently deposited on the token contract, it can't be used for anything else.

Deallocating allocated xIGN will withdraw the amount back into the owner's wallet.

A default 0.5% fee will be applied when deallocating xIGN.


xIGN is by default non-transferable, except from/to whitelisted addresses. This is made so that essential interactions (like allocations and redeem with the token contract) and additional usages (for instance with partners specific implementations...) can still be leveraged.

Specific guidelines

The xIGN tab allows you to:

  • Convert IGN to xIGN

  • Redeem xIGN to IGN through vesting

  • Allocate xIGN to dividends to earn rewards

  • Allocate xIGN to boost your positions' APR

There is currently two existing xIGN native plug-ins on which any user can allocate some of its xIGN holdings:

  • Dividends: to account for dividends coming from protocol revenue

  • YieldBooster: to boost the yield existing staking positions

Further information about xIGN plugins can be found here

Utilize xIGN

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