Boost farming rewards

The spNFT (v2) farming incentives (xIGN and IGN) can be boosted through Time-locking or yield boosting. The boosts are based on multipliers, the max total multiplier that can be achieved is 3x.

LP trading fees and Nitro pool rewards won't be affected by either of the boosts, only existing farming emissions APR will be boosted.

What is the impact of multipliers on farming incentives?

  • 2x Multiplier = 100% Boost

  • 3x Multiplier = 200% Boost

Time locking

It's possible to specify a lock duration when creating an spNFT or lock it directly in the position management panel after the spNFT was already created

  • By setting a 6-month lock, the maximum boost from time locking can be achieved, but any number of days can be set

  • Max lock multiplier 2x

In order to open the position management panel and lock an already created position: Navigate to Earn -> Positions tab -> Select spNFT position

How to

Boost Yield

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