Do I need to lock the Genesis Pool?

No, locking is not required. So, you can withdraw at any time.

Is there a minimum stake period in Genesis pools?

No, there is no minimum staking period. Staking more than $5,000 will qualify you for a discount in our public sale.

What are the rewards for the Genesis Pool?

Rewards include Blast points, Blast gold, xIGN, and [redacted].

Are there rewards for the partner pool?

Yes! Both the main pool and partner pool have a rewards.

How do I enter the Genesis Pool for all pools?
  • Deposit into the Pool through spNFT

  • Go to the Genesis Pool tab.

  • Scroll to the compatible position at the bottom.

  • If you have an spNFT position, you will see your positions.

  • Deposit your pool into the staked position.

Can I boost my Genesis pool?

No, boosting does not affect Nitro rewards or Genesis. Boosting only increases farming rewards, and it will work when our farms are launched.

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