☄️┃Nitro Pools

Nitro Pools are the perfect illustration of the latent power of Ignite's staked positions.

They are fixed-duration pools made to receive staked positions (spNFTs) from users, hence offering them a new layer of yield rewards in addition to what those positions are already generating.

More concretely, they are a very direct and totally permissionless way for protocols to incentivize their liquidity without any need for intermediaries. But the game changer here is the capacity to add a set of requirements, providing projects a unique ability of targeting the precise staking user's profile that they want to reward, or to focus incentives on a certain type of liquidity.

There are two different kind of Nitro Pools on the app:

  • Official Nitro Pools: created by the Ignited team, or verified partners

  • Community Nitro Pools: openly deployed by anyone

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