Providing Liquidity Overview

On a Ignite DEX, a liquidity pool is a crowdsourced pool of tokens locked in smart contracts and used to facilitate trades between the assets. Automated market maker (AMM) allow digital assets to be traded in an automatic and permissionless manner through liquidity pools, replacing traditional markets of buyers and sellers.

Adding liquidity to the pool will only earn you trading fees. If you want to earn farming emissions as well, you need to create an spNFT position, which can be done without adding LP first

For example, ETH/USDC LP tokens will be generated if liquidity is added to ETH/USDC. Your share of the ETH/USDC liquidity pool is represented by the LP tokens you receive. While you are providing liquidity to ETH/USDC pair, your LP token will automatically earn a portion of every transaction fee on that pair. Moreover, you can wrap that LP token into staked position (spNFT) to access more utilities and, most notably, to earn additional rewards on top of the fee rewards

  • Liquidity providers will receive a slice of each transaction fee

  • By wrapping the LP token into spNFT you can create a staked position that will generate additional yields from incentive pair and nitro pool

  • spNFT = wrapped V2

Select spNFT on the liquidity tab to bundle assets without having to turn them into LPs first. The process of creating a staked position (spNFT) can be found here

Add LiquidityWithdraw spNFT and Unbind Liquidity

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