Anyone is able to deploy its own Nitro Pool to incentivize any type of liquidity.

Every Nitro needs the following info at creation:

  • The token (LP token or single asset) to incentivize

  • The incentive token

  • The opening time (deposits opening, pool appearing to users on the app)

  • The start time (activation of the rewards distribution)

  • The end time (end of the rewards distribution)

Once the pool has been created, the pool's deployer can optionally configure its requirements.

Add rewards

Only the Nitro Pool's deployer can fill it with rewards. It can be done anytime before its end, even when rewards are already being distributed.

Rewards can only be under the form of the incentive token defined at creation.

Modify an existing Nitro

A deployed Nitro Pool can be modified or canceled by its owner anytime before its opening time.

Official Nitro Pools

"Official Nitro" pools are either created directly by the Ignite team, or by confirmed partners. In some case, those pools can have some custom implementations that will be specified on their respective page.

Community Nitro Pools

By default, a newly created Nitro will be marked as being a "Community Nitro" pool. This means that this pool has been freely created by someone without going through the Ignite team at all.

For a manual on how to create a Nitro pool, follow the link below

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