Advantages and extensions

spNFTs act as an additional layer of features offering new opportunities and potential extensions:

Feature layer

Staked positions act as a "wrapping layer" on the LP tokens, providing to virtually any liquidity or single asset our locking mechanism, without any intervention from our side.

That means every protocol could take advantage of this stack, whether they are listed on Ignite or not, and add locks to their liquidity, along with their own incentives layer, for instance by using the Nitro Pools.

Custom strategies

Users can create advanced custom strategies through an unlimited number of different staked positions for the same LP, with different amounts, locks settings, or boosts mechanics.

Re-usability & capital efficiency

Liquidity providers earn more capital efficiency, by owning an actual receipt of their deposits that can be re-used to generate even more rewards (cf. Nitro Pools as an example).

More generally, this was designed in such a way that it's especially straightforward to implement for additional usages, a perfect example of that being the use as a collateral.

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