⚒️┃LP & Nitro Deployment Guidelines

IgniteFi is a permissionless protocol, which means that anyone can add liquidity and set up their own Nitro Pool for the purpose of incentivizing liquidity.

The permissionless creation of nitro pools is designed for aspiring projects wishing to access the tools that will enhance their liquidity incentives.

Nitro pools can be created for LP tokens or single assets, making them highly adaptable and versatile to a wide range of use cases. Protocols can generate higher returns for their emissions, while communities can be rewarded when they provide liquidity on a longer-term basis.

For example, a protocol that wishes to provide rewards to its liquidity on Ignite may set up a Nitro pool only for users that locked their deposits for 3 months or deposited X amount. However, the duration of the lock and other requirements are not mandatory and are totally up to the deployer

For a deeper dive into the technical specifics of Nitro pools, follow this link

Step-by-step guideDeployment specifications

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