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  • Create a staked position (spNFT)

  • Add Liquidity v2


Position - Pools

  • Unbind the LP

  • Wrap LPs or single assets into new staked positions (spNFTs)

  • View your positions

  • View yield-bearing pairs (that are incentivized by Ignite)

  • Harvest earned rewards from the active farm

  • Adjust locks on staked positions

  • Boost and unboost staked positions

  • Transfer your position to another wallet address

  • Split staked position

  • Merge staked positions

  • Withdraw from the nitro pool

  • Deposit your staked position (spNFT) into a matching nitro pool

  • Unstake spNFT from the Nitro pool


  • View official and community nitro pools

  • Stake/Unstake your staked position (spNFT)

  • Harvest rewards from the nitro pool


  • View official and community nitro pools

  • Add/Remove your compatible position

  • Withdraw spNFT from Genesis

  • Harvest rewards from the Genesis pool


Round Table

  • The Round Table pages provide a bespoke space for our partners to showcase their protocol, info, liquidity stats, and social links


  • View past and current public sales

  • Participate in the IDO - public sale

  • Claim allocation

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