Nitro Pools are made to only receive staked positions (spNFTs) as deposits.

Every Nitro Pool will have the following settings:

  • A specific wrapped LP (or single asset). Only positions made from this deployer-defined asset can be deposited into the pool

  • A reward token (additional rewards can be added any time)

  • A deposit start time before which no one can stake

  • A rewards' distribution phase duration (start and end times)

  • An optional harvest start time before which no one can collect their earned rewards yet

Some customized Nitro Pools might be available, with different settings from the one displayed above. When that's the case users will be explicitly informed on the pool's page.

Absolutely all of the custom Nitro Pools appearing on the app will either come directly from the team, or have been audited by the team.


Every user can deposit as much of their spNFTs as they wish to. The rewards calculation are consequently made based on the sum of all the user's current deposits.

It's possible to add new positions anytime, as well as to withdraw staked positions, completely or just some of them.

Interact with staked positions

If some of the interactions are logically unavailable when staked, users can still add more to their position and harvest their xIGN and IGN rewards for all of their staked spNFTs into a Nitro Pool.

For every other kind of operation on a deposited staking position, users will need to withdraw it first from the Nitro Pool

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