Deployment specifications


Anyone can deploy their own Nitro Pool to incentivize any type of liquidity on this page.

Users will need to IMPORT your token to be able to see and interact with your Nitro pool(s) on IgniteFi’s frontend

Every Nitro requires the following information at creation:

  • The token to incentivize, which can be any ERC20 (LP token or single asset)

  • Up to two incentives tokens

  • Start time: the time at which rewards distribution will start

  • End time: the time at which rewards distribution will stop

Some optional settings can also be set at launch (can be edited later as well):

  • Harvest start time: if you want stakers to not be able to withdraw before a certain time

  • Deposit end time: if you want stakers to not be able to deposit anymore after a certain time

  • Description: will appear on your Nitro pool page once published

  • Requirements

Once you’re satisfied with your settings, confirm by clicking on “Create”.

Your Nitro pool contract is now created but not published yet, you’ll now need to go to the next step.

Manage your Nitro

Once your Nitro pool has been created, you can manage it from this page.


  • Stale: not published but the start date isn’t valid anymore, this Nitro is void and a new one should be created

  • Unpublished: not published yet, but the start date is still valid

  • Planned: pool is published but rewards haven't started yet

  • Active: pool is published and rewards are currently distributed

  • Ended: pool is published but rewards have ended

Once a pool has ended, it can’t be reopened anymore.


  • Publish: to publish the pool so everyone on the platform can see your Nitro (if the token is whitelisted or imported) and will be able to deposit (only if they meet the requirements, if any)

  • Schedule: adjust the end time, harvest start time or deposit end time

  • Description

A pool can be published only if the start time hasn’t been reached yet AND if rewards have already been added to the Nitro pool

The end time can be updated anytime BEFORE the pool comes to an end. However, harvest start time and deposit end time can’t be updated anymore once the pool has been published


  • Withdraw: withdraw rewards, can only be done before the pool is published

  • Add: add more rewards, can be done anytime as long as the pool hasn’t ended

  • Double rewards: when a single incentives token has been set, you have the possibility of adding a second one

If you mistakenly configured and published your Nitro pools, and you want to recover your rewards, you can directly contact the team for emergency recovery. Note that a 5% tax will be applied in the process


  • Edit whitelist: if the whitelist mode is activated, you can configure its composition here

  • Update: you can configure your own set of requirements to only allow certain spNFTs to be staked into your Nitro pool, and to activate the whitelist mode

Once a pool is published, you can still activate new requirements but CANNOT DEACTIVATE them

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