Earn Dividends

Dividends distribute protocol earnings to users who allocated their xIGN tokens

Allocating your xIGN tokens to the Dividends plugin through which you can earn a slice of the protocol's earnings, primarily in the ETH-USDB LP and xIGN.

Distribution mainly consists of ETH-USDB LP, but can be also done in the form of one or more different tokens, and happens continuously (reward/second), through weekly epochs

For instance; a total of 10,000 xIGN allocated to the dividends plugin a daily distribution of 10,000 USDB If a user has allocated 200 xIGN to the plugin, he owns 2% of the allocations and will consequently receive 2% of the daily rewards, ie 200 USDB

Deallocating xIGN from dividends is not subject to any condition and can be done at any time. It is also possible to harvest rewards at any time. The deallocation fee is 0.5%.

22.5% of protocol earnings will be allocated to dividends for distribution.

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